Coffee Talk with Barista Media - Issue #3

Barista Media Newsletter Issue #3 Saturday, July 20, 2019 CHRIS JETTE, INTEGRATED MARKETING SPECIALIST & MEDIA VETERAN “I think too much of the industry has lived in boxes -- you're defined by your role, and that's it. I've been fortunate to create opportunities to break down those boxes.” - Chris Jette Chris Jette has been in the media industry since the last millennium, and has been developing and executing integrated digital and social media-based programs since 2006. He has won several integrated marketing awards for his work. He has worked at many of the major players in the publishing industry, including Time Inc., Bonnier, Meredith and American Media, and has spent the last few years

Coffee Talk with Barista Media - Issue #2

COFFEE TALK WITH KERRY LYONS, CEO OF RIPPLE STREET Kerry Lyons leads the team at Ripple Street (formerly House Party, Inc), a consumer influencer platform that connects brands with consumers to drive targeted trials, product reviews, social shares, branded content, insights and more. Barista Media sat down with Kerry to talk about influencer marketing, teaching today's marketing-savvy students, and how she approaches her new role as CEO the same way she runs her household of seven people (and two dogs). (Hint: It's all about trust and support.) When consumers have a positive experience with a brand, they want to share it. -- Kerry Lyons, Ripple Street Q: Ripple Street uses a micro-influencer