We Are Barista Media

UPDATE: As of January, 2017, Aderati has changed its name to Barista Media. Based in Los Angeles and helmed by industry veteran Larry Stevens, Barista Media is a full-service rep firm that delivers sales, marketing, branding and optimization solutions to a select roster of premium properties. "I wanted to take a boutique approach with our client base," Stevens says. "Our firm is a true extension of each brand we represent." Their client roster consists of hand-picked properties that offer creative, comprehensive ways for brands to reach their target audiences. Barista Media's marketing, creative, and sales team is based in California with representatives across major U.S. cities. For more i

Content is (still) king for advertisers

I’ve spent most of my career within the world of premium content. I’ve worked at the World’s largest magazine publishing companies such as Meredith, Hearst and Time, Inc, where it’s in their DNA to produce world-class content for their consumers. This content has always been deemed as valuable to advertisers as an environment to surround their ads when looking to reach their target audience. Throughout the years, I've seen a proliferation of content distributed across a number of vehicles and it seems like there’s a new distribution channel every day. It’s mind-boggling to figure out where an advertiser should align their messaging, given all the channels that are at their disposal. These da